What are MCT oils by Secure Keto

First things first: What you want in an MCT oil that actually works: pure, triple-distilled quality fats that give you more energy, better mental performance and fewer cravings.

“MCT” stands for “medium-chain triglycerides.” MCTs contain fatty acids that naturally occur in coconut oil, palm oil, goat milk and breast milk.

Your body turns MCTs into molecules called ketones, which help burn fat, curb cravings and power your brain  Ketones give you incredible energy.

That said, not all MCTs are the same. Brain Octane oil gives you four times more ketone energy than coconut oil. That means you get more brain-powering, fat-burning power than you would with generic MCT oil.

Here’s a closer look at what that means:

C8 (caprylic acid): This is Brain Octane oil, and it’s the all-around best MCT for ketogenic energy. It produces more ketones than coconut oil, which means more ketone benefits like amplified energy, fat loss and metabolic burn.
C10 (capric acid): Supports energy, fat burning and metabolism, but doesn’t produce as many ketones as C8 does. XCT oil is a blend of C8 and C10.
C12 (lauric acid): AKA what you’ll mostly find in coconut oil. Your body doesn’t treat C12 like an MCT, and it doesn’t produce as many ketones.
Bottom line: C8 and C10 are the best types of MCTs overall, whether you follow the keto diet or just want more energy. Bulletproof only uses C8 and C10 MCT oils. That matters.

The Difference between Brain Octane Oil and MCT Oil

The difference between  OCTANE OIL and XCT OIL
Brain Octane oil is C8 MCT oil. It’s the most ketogenic fatty acid in coconuts, purified and distilled into one versatile oil.

XCT oil is a blend of C8 and C10 MCT oils. It’s more affordable than Brain Octane oil, and it meets Bulletproof’s rigorous quality standards for purity.

To support energy, brain power and fat burning: Go with Brain Octane oil. It’s pure C8, which produces more ketones than XCT oil does


Coconut oil is great for cooking and baking — but if you want fat-burning, brain-powering ketones, MCT oil is better.

That’s because coconut oil mostly contains C12 (lauric acid). C12 doesn’t produce the same ketogenic effects as C8 or C10, like increased energy and fat burning.

Plus, Brain Octane oil and is liquid at room temperature, and they don’t taste like coconuts. Instead, they enhance the flavor of tons of foods. You can use these flavorless oils in pretty much anything, from Bulletproof Coffee to salad dressings.